Nina Ivanova, Margarita Gevorkova

SE “Insitute of Dermatology and Venerology of Academy of National Medical Science of Ukraine”, Kharkov -61057, Ukraine

The key event leading to Alzheimer’s Disease appears to be the formation of a peptide known as beta amyloid which clusters into amyloid plaques on the blood vessels and on the outside surface of neurons of the brain — which ultimately leads to the killing of neurons. Many medical products do not reach a brain. But loaded liposomes just as nanoparticles, can to cross the hemato-encephalic barrier and “pulling through” their content through the blood-brain barrier [1]. We used negatively charged loaded liposomes with original lipid’s structure and specific original drug. The researches of preparation for the treatment Alzheimer’s Disease have been carried out in vivo on the experimental animals. For verification of biological activity of this preparation have been used models of the animals with induced Alzheimer’s disease by Chlamydia pneumoniae. As much as possible positive therapeutic effect has been reached: 98 % of the animals were healthy after two injections of the preparation. The animals with induced Alzheimer’s disease did not have of the beta amyloid plaques after two-multiple introductions of the liposomal preparation. The negatively charged liposomes delivered to the brain directly contribute to “pulling through” the specific original drug through the blood–brain barrier. In addition, the original drug into liposomes can prevent of the beta amyloid’s aggregations into the amyloid plaques in vivo. The two-time administration of our preparation to the experimental animals with induced Alzheimer’s disease prevented the formation of amyloid plaques. While in the control group of the animals with induced Alzheimer’s disease without treatment were discovered of the expressed accumulation the beta amyloid plaques in the wall of the brain artery, brain environments. This composition of the loaded liposomal preparation is nontoxic, prevents and treatments development of Alzheimer’s Disease.